The following standards are set to allow an event held at Cobham Oval to operate in a smooth and efficient manner and to protect the patron's right to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Patrons may bring the following food and drink items into the venue: 

  • Non-alcoholic beverages in unopened plastic bottles up to 1 litre in size 
  • Non-commercial food for personal consumption such as sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, crackers, biscuits & cakes  

Items that ARE permitted into the venue: 

  • Empty plastic water bottles (up to 1 litre in size) to be filled using water provided by the venue 
  • Low fan chairs 
  • Soft-sided chilly bins

Items that ARE NOT permitted into the venue: 

  • Alcohol 
  • Open drink containers  
  • Drinking containers larger than 1 litre  
  • Cans, glass or bottles 
  • Illicit drugs  
  • Commercially produced takeaway food such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza etc  
  • Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive  
  • Sound amplifiers such as air horns or loud hailers  
  • Animals, with exception of Seeing Eye dogs  
  • Furniture including deck chairs, umbrellas, shade tents, blow-up chairs etc 
  • Hard chilly bins  
  • Weapons, fireworks missiles or other items considered dangerous  
  • Dangerous goods  
  • Pushchairs  
  • No gang patches 
  • No High-Vis vests
  • No commercial cameras unless accredited by NZC
  • No videos

**This is a Smoke free venue**

Patrons may be REFUSED ENTRY or be evicted if they: 

  • Appear intoxicated / under the influence of drugs or exhibit disorderly behaviour 
  • Deny permission for the inspection of themselves, bags or other items in their possession  
  • Attempt to bring in prohibited items  
  • Enter onto the playing arena before, during and after the game  
  • Have previously been issued with a trespass notice that still applies 
  • Engages in conduct which unreasonably interferes with the playing surface, players, spectators or members of staff employed or volunteering at this event 
  • Indecent exposure 
  • Gambling 
  • Solicitation 
  • Hawking of unauthorised merchandise 
  • Ticket scalping
  • Are verbally or physically abusive, or behave in a disorderly or offensive manner
  • Breach the ICC anti-racism code

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